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Gordon Goosen


NMLS 162267

Phone: (480) 320-2322

Fax: (480) 406-6750

Meet Gordon Goosen

Married with one child. Been originating mortgages for 20+ years, since 1993. Assisting home owners achieve their financial goals thru mortgage planning. Build assets, lower debt.  We live in Chandler and the Pilot Mortgage, LLC office is in Gilbert.  I am available to meet personally to give personal quote, establish expectations, explain program and why borrowers should obtain their mortgage with Pilot Mortgage, LLC.  There is a difference.

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VA Mortgage Refinance with No Costs, No Increase to Debt

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Seven Things Your Agent Should Know About Your Mortgage Approval

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Do I Need To Sell My Home Before I Can Qualify For A New Mortgage On Another Property?

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